WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Finally, the weekend is (almost) here, depending on which days of the week you consider the weekend.

I know that since I don’t have any Friday classes, the second I get out of my last class on Thursday I am ready to start planning my weekend. There are so many directions our weekend can go. Will we spend it in sweats at the library? Will we find our way to a basketball game dressed in blue and maize? Or will we decide to treat ourselves to a couple of meals of brunchin’ and munchin’? Whatever we choose to do, each activity requires a different type of attire.

This Fashionista decided she was tired of the boring dining hall food and wanted to get out and explore the exquisite food Ann Arbor has to offer. Since we know how irresistible the food can be at Zingerman’s, can we really blame her?

Walking down the streets of Kerrytown, I could not help myself from stopping to ask about her outfit. I think it was her jacket that was most eye-catching. It looks so warm and comfy while still so chic! It combines all of the latest trends (especially the fur) into one item, something most Fashionistas wish they owned. Next, her leggings are literally out of this world. They aren’t the usual black leggings every one seems to wear, but instead, they have a unique checkered pattern down the side of the leg. It’s the little details that really make a difference!

One Simple Change: Take off those combat boots, and throw on some cute heels to bring this outfit from the restaurants to a girl’s night out! You could also switch out the leggings for a cute leather skirt. Keep everything else, and you are all set for a very trendy weekend.