WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

There is just something casual about weekends. Perhaps it is the fact that we can kickback, relax and procrastinate on all of our schoolwork. Or, we might be hanging out with friends, lounging at home or running errands. Whatever the situation may be, we need some laid back clothing to match.

It is easy for anyone to dress up and look nice, however, dressing down is a much more difficult task. You want to look put together, but not too fussy; effortless, but not sloppy. Only the truest of Fashionistas can look extremely chic in the most casual outfit. I found a Fashionista who perfected this vibe with her effortless layered look.

She started with a loose-fitting white T-shirt. With its asymmetrical hemline, this piece had a trendy feel. Over the T-shirt, the Fashionista layered an open gray jacket. Thanks to its knit material and its loose, relaxed nature, this Fashionista appeared cool and nonchalant.

The rest of the Fashionista’s outfit was comprised of edgy pieces, such as her leggings, scarf, jacket and boots, which ultimately grounded and epitomized her look. The leggings provided the perfect balance for the loose layers on top. The gray circle scarf added both warmth and dimension to the look, while contributing to the Fashionista’s grayscale-inspired color palette.

Her AllSaints leather jacket and Dr. Marten combat boots provided the quintessential cool-girl edge to her look. The Fashionista admitted that the jacket was a huge splurge, but I could relate, seeing as my leather jacket is one of my most-worn items in my wardrobe. The Dr. Martens had a unique, slightly whimsical shape to them, so I could tell that they were not just traditional Dr. Martens. The Fashionista proudly confessed that they were actually from the men’s section!

This Fashionista perfected an easy yet edgy look that would be suitable for any weekend event. It was casual and chic without trying too hard.

One Simple Change: Transform this look from day to night by swapping out the scarf for a glam statement necklace.