WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

As college students, our weekends are filled with various activities. One Saturday we may find ourselves spending hours in the library before heading downtown for shopping and dinner with friends or sitting by the river before enjoying an outdoor music festival. Whatever it may be, finding one outfit to wear during a day filled with multiple activities can be fairly tough.

This Fashionista found the perfect combination between comfort and fashion with her weekend wear. With her light-weight patterned joggers she is comfortable and ready for anything. To avoid losing her curves from the loose fitted pants, she adds a cotton graphic cropped T-shirt. The fitted T-shirt paired with loose pants is a comfortable and easy while still keeping her figure. Along with the outfit, this student adds a simple pair of nude flip flops.

As a whole, the outfit looks stylish and put together but in reality it’s just as comfortable as any pajama set. This Fashionista is ready for anything and everything her jam packed weekend has to offer while still remaining comfortable in her attire.

Follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista by adding a pair of printed pants to your closet. They are feminine and fashion forward while still being comfortable and easy to wear. Pair any patterned pants with a solid fitted top and your outfit is complete!

One Simple Change: Have to add an interview into your busy Saturday? Throw on a thin cardigan or blazer over your shoulders to give your comfortable weekend wear a more professional look.