WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The weekend is a time to relax and recharge after a stressful week of school. From Friday afternoon until Sunday night, you have free reign to shop, eat and socialize until your stomach is full and your wallet is empty. That being said, weekend wear is all about comfort. Whether you plan on spending your weekend running errands or lounging around, you want to be comfy.This Fashionista strikes the ideal balance between comfort and style to create an outfit perfect for the weekend.

This Fashionista’s tailored pink blazer is perfect to throw on if her day takes her indoors where they’re blasting the air conditioning. The silhouette of the blazer keeps the outfit classy while the muted pink keeps things fun and unique. The classic white button-up acts as a neutral base, but offers a few surprises like eye-catching gold buttons and a delicate print.

The trendy round mirrored sunnies are perfect for shielding her eyes while she brunches outside. Her silver frames mix stylishly with her silver nose ring. This Fashionista stands out from the sea of black leggings with an olive pair. The knee patches make the leggings interesting and gives them an athletic feel. The short, chunky heel of the boot keep her feet happy, while the perfectly worn in look makes the outfit look effortless.

One Simple Change: Let’s say it’s colder where you live. Opting for a thicker pair of leggings and ditching the blazer for a heavy coat can instantly transform this into a cold-weather appropriate outfit.