WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Texas weather in February means two things: gray skies and allergies acting up because of the constantly fluctuating temperatures. It’s beginning to take a toll on students here, and mostly everyone wants to go to class in their blankets. Students also seem to be reluctant to get put together for the weekend, so it was truly refreshing to see this Fashionisto and his effortlessly cool look. His outfit is perfect for a weekend day of adventuring with friends or just hanging out and relaxing.

The way this student paired his long red shirt with the short denim jacket first caught my eye. I also noticed the Fashionisto’s mixing of denim, which can sometimes be a gray area. He, however, managed to nicely pair his light-wash jacket and black jeans in a subtle manner. The difference in the washes of the items meant they could work well together, and the red shirt was a great buffer. His white Converse are timeless, and they’re fantastic shoes for when it comes to wandering around town.

The Fashionisto’s accessories added stylish touches to the look as well. His skateboard was, I’m guessing, actually being used as a practical mode of transportation, but it kind of just made him look even cooler. The backpack was practical as well, but the neutral color palette went with the rest of the outfit. His necklace was a great choice on his part, since sometimes guys shy away from necklaces. Embrace them, boys! The silhouette of the whole look was just really flattering, and the proportions of the top half of the outfit nicely complemented the bottom half.

One Simple Change: Did the sun finally decide to come out during the week? Switch the black pants out for black shorts or khaki shorts and you’re all set for a breezier take on this look for class.