WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

This weekend, why not battle the elements, and head out to a nice brunch on State Street with your friends or significant other like this Fashionisto did? I found this Fashionisto on his way back from a fun lunch with friends and just had to stop him. Everything about his outfit gave off a casual but put together vibe. It was perfect for the sunny and cold weekend.

Personally, I love it when guys decide to take fashion risks. Whenever I see a guy in a fun print or a colored pant, I think to myself, “Now that is a guy who has confidence and clearly put some thought into his outfit today. He must have his life together.” It’s pretty easy to incorporate a statement piece into an otherwise plain outfit for those guys out there intimidated by the time input. This Fashionisto demonstrates that a printed shirt can take an outfit to the next level. His shirt paired with dark-washed jeans balances the outfit. The jeans make the look casual enough for a day out on the town or hanging out with friends. His cardigan and beanie, however, add a layer of hipster style to the outfit. The dark mahogany work boots tie the outfit together and make the outfit accessible to a large portion of the college male population. Anyone else see the waves of frat boys wearing these?

This look is perfect for any casual event on the weekend or even a weekday. The T-shirt gives the outfit its relaxed feeling; the cardigan dresses it up for the public.

One Simple Change: To make this look work for warmer days, ditch the beanie and switch the jeans with a pair of slim fitting khakis. Add some sunglasses, and you are on your way to being the most sought after man on the street.