WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

It’s official. Another weekend has passed. Did you take advantage of it, or did you stay inside and hide from the cold? Here in Chicago, we’ve had some unpredictable weather. When this Fashionista discovered an oh-so-bright 39 degree opportunity, she went for it. Now what exactly does that mean? Well, she went shopping…duh.

The weekends are any Fashionistas/os perfect opportunity to drop some pocket change (or an entire week’s paycheck). If you’re going shopping, you’ve gotta be smart about it, and I’m not talking about your money: I’m talking about your ensemble. Think about it: you’ve been in class all week, most likely feeling anxious as ever. You might’ve been stuffing your face with pizza, too, but that’s okay; we all have those low points in life. The weekend is your time to shine while feeling comfortable and relaxed. So throw on a pair of your everyday leggings, just like this Fashionista. Let’s get real: their stretch and coziness factor, that college students basically worship, prepares her for anything coming her way. Who knows when she’ll need to beat a sassy shopper to the register? Maybe she’ll need to rescue an orphan cat from a tree? She might even decide to run an impromptu marathon. Weekends are unpredictable. The bottom line is, leggings are a lifesaver.

Long cardigans are a solid option. Without a doubt, they’re warm, but they add extra length and layering to an outfit, really pinpointing one’s intended style. They pair great with crop tops because the juxtaposition between lengths releases an edgy vibe. This crop top has some killer graphics. I always associate graphic tees with casual comfort and a happy-go-lucky feeling. So they’re perfect for the weekend, right? The cardigan’s black and gray color combination highlight her tee’s graphics, really making them a focal point.

To complete her look, this Fashionista accessorized with some studded Steve Madden’s and her classic Ray-Ban Clubmasters. Sunglasses are a lifesaver because they’ll hide your eyes’ (designer) bags. But here, when combined with the boots, they totally polish off her edgy vibe. They dress up the outfit a bit, too, so she’s ready to shop in style.

One Simple Change: Ditch the leggings for some black, ripped skinnies, and you’ll be ready for a night out.