WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Winter is my favorite season for fashion. It presents the opportunity to layer and experiment with different textures and colors. This season is when I see the innovation and creativity that just isn’t practical when temperatures rise. But that doesn’t mean the colder months aren’t met with their fair share of wardrobe challenges. It has been a particularly cold week in Ohio. It was so easy to settle into a boring routine of sweaters, jeans, and boots. At times like these, it is important to find ways to stay warm yet still fashionable. This is crucial for winter events like dates, meetings and dinners.

I saw this Fashionista really embrace cold weather chic outside of Starbucks. She looked polished and ready for a mid-day coffee date. Midday dates can be especially difficult to dress for. You want to be dressed up yet appropriate. The dark color palette of black, white and gray made this outfit sophisticated. While the ripped jeans kept this get-up fun and shows a bit of appropriate skin, the sweater helps things stay casual and warm and the coat in a cropped graphic print adds a bit of contrasting interest. Paired with a short ankle boot, that really elevates the outfit. This outfit is sure to show off your style and catch the eye of your date without being too much.

One Simple Change: If coffee goes well and you decide to make a dinner date out of it, swap the ankle boots for a pair of high heels and throw on some statement jewelry.