WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

I know it’s only Wednesday, but it’s never too early to start planning our outfits for the weekend. Although we are suffering from the crazy school week, we can revive our spirits by looking forward to the cozy and warm weekend ahead. If you are planning on taking a nice stroll weekend stroll downtown, this Fashionista shows you exactly what to wear for the occasion.

I spotted this Fashionista as I was stepping out of a clothing store, and was immediately drawn to her outfit. She chose to wear a soft and burnt orange brown chiffon midi skirt for a casual look. Her orange brown hair matched perfectly with her skirt. Then, she layered on a structured black blazer to bring more of an edge to her outfit. To complement her black and orange ensemble, she threw on a pair of black ankle boots, a black bag, and, last but not least, a black fedora.

After a hectic week, many of us like to take it slow by spending our weekends alone. Whether you are shopping or taking a sip of your coffee from your favorite café, you want to be as comfortable and chic as possible. This Fashionista mixed soft pieces with structured pieces to create the perfect weekend wear. Try adding some edge to your favorite loungewear by pairing it with a leather jacket or blazer, you might be surprised at how put together you’ll look!

One Simple Change: If you have a girl’s night out this weekend, you can upscale this outfit by wearing a pair of black chunky heels and a black leather jacket to make it appropriate for the night time.