WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

As a new semester starts, so does catching up with friends. Not only are you catching up with your closest friends, but you are also meeting up with people you haven’t seen in almost six months because of coop. You are invited to brunch, so looking your best has never been so crucial!

This Fashionista sports the three C’s: casual, comfortable and cute. This outfit not only fits the cold weather, but also produces the perfect outfit to meet friends. The three colors, brown, white and black, are used in this outfit and go together in harmony. It’s very rare to see people wear brown coats, but this Fashionista proves they are as cute as wearing black or navy!

She first elected to put on a turtleneck shirt with a button scarf. Then, she decided to put on her brown J.Crew coat to keep warm. Her coat is definitely the most striking part as it puts the whole look together. In addition, she added her white hat, white warmers and black leather gloves to keep her from freezing! Her boots and white leg warmers really complement each other. She decided to add her brown clutch to finish the outfit.

One Simple Change: Not going for brunch, but rather for a girl’s night out? Lose the hat and sunglasses. You can then change from boots to some cute black booties or a pair of leopard flats. This will give you a sophisticated look while still keeping warm. You will definitely impress your friends with your unique style!