WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The weather in the Midwest is far from predictable. Some would even call it erratic. One week the temperature could sit at a crisp 45 degrees with sun and some clouds, and the next week a polar vortex could easily sweep across five states and turn the mundane plains into an arctic tundra. Being a social butterfly in such bitter weather is a tad tricky. It’s hard to pull off a chic look without looking like a penguin waddling from event to event draped in a parka, scarves and boots made for even the most uncoordinated to trek across icy sidewalks. But of course even the most bone-chilling of climates won’t stop some from enjoying themselves and those around them.

This Fashionista nails the look of cold weather chic. Donning a navy parka with knit sleeves, she uses a cumbersome grey scarf to staple her outfit together. Paired with leggings and black moto boots, her ensemble provides enough warmth to stroll from a car to the comfort of The Cheesecake Factory without catching frostbite. Her jewelry—a pair of twisted pearl earrings and a couple of rings—add a subtle feminine touch to her outfit. Lastly, she adds a bright red leather cross-body bag to her combination of neutrals for a bold contrast.

While wrapping yourself in a blanket burrito and watching an uncomfortable amount of Friends on Netflix may be your go-to solution for below freezing temperatures, keep in mind that it is also okay to go on an outing with your actual friends. Instead wrap yourself in a cute scarf like this Fashionista does and eat a little pasta carbonara.

One Simple Change: Maybe instead of meeting your friends, you’re meeting that cutie from the gym who asked you on a hot date amid the chilly weather. Trade the knit parka for a long peacoat cinched at the waist to add a bit of classic sophistication. Date night never looked so good!