WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

After a long hard week, a girl can use some celebratory weekend shopping! This Fashionista was exploring the boutiques in town in this adorable, casual, but cool, outfit. Its layered method is great for dashing in and out of stores. There is no need for a giant coat, and if you work up a sweat while scouring for deals, it’s easy to remove a layer! It is fashionable while still being practical in that bitter winter air.

What I love the most about this look is that it is very trendy, while also being casual and simple to put together. It is created from wardrobe basics: a leather jacket, a zip hoodie, a graphic tee, some cool jeans, a nice comfy pair of boots and your favourite, warm winter accessories. Anybody could take this outfit and make it their own; just what I love!

Personally, my favourite piece from the look has to be her giant knit scarf. It looks so soft and warm (you could just cuddle with it all day in these cold temps that we have had lately.) It’s cozy enough to make any freezing Fashionista jealous. Not to mention, it’s also an infinity scarf, which happen to be my favourite style of scarf. Ever since buying my first infinity scarf I haven’t been able to turn back! I love them because they sit so close to your neck that they keep you warm and, of course, the way they hang is lovely. They look cute with almost any outfit and are an easy way to add some style and some warmth.

One Simple Change: Lose the winter accessories—oh no! Goodbye infinity scarf (and the unnecessary hoodie layer.) Now you are all set to rock out to your favourite artist/band at a concert. Just make sure to keep the layer underneath the leather jacket pretty light. Even though it’s cold outside right now, concerts tend to heat up pretty quickly!