WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

I’m going to be honest with you guys. My favorite days are the lazy Saturdays and Sundays when I wake up and have absolutely nothing to do and no one to see. The reason? (insert drum roll here). I get to hop on the subway and go wherever my heart desires for as long as I want. Whether that be a stroll through Central Park or across my beloved Brooklyn Bridge, a visit to a museum, a long shopping spree or even a Chipotle date with just myself, I’m always excited to do something different and make a good day out of even the worst one.

The latest fashion trends are all about minimalism and simplicity at their finest and somehow, this always seems to work for me on my “subway, take me anywhere” kind of days. Never will I strive for outfits that aren’t comfortable, easy, casual and chic. Androgynous and structured silhouettes, ripped jeans, sweaters, oversized totes and neutral colors briefly summarize what Fashionistas are going crazy for this winter. Yes, I am obviously one of them, I’m not going to lie. I love incorporating these clothing items in my outfits to create looks that are stylish and trendy, but also unique and representative of my own taste. Are they also my go-to casual clothes for my weekend adventures? You bet they are.

While walking through the crowded streets of SoHo, this Fashionista caught my eye. Something about her look screamed casual, but effortlessly elegant. She wore a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans and a gray sweater to keep her warm. Her dark blue sneakers with white details on them made the look more casual and sporty, but contrasted with her oversized red coat which took the outfit to a whole different level of chic and minimalistic and made it stand out. Her patent leather black tote and black scarf completed the look and accentuated the coat even more because they blended well with the overall monochrome of the rest of the outfit. Needless to say, this outfit is ideal for a casual weekend day when all you want to do is walk around the city or run errands and be comfortable and stylish.

One Simple Change: If you want to transition your outfit from weekend wear to something a little more appropriate for class, put on a pair of chunky-heeled ankle booties or a pair of sneaker wedges and you’ll be ready to head out. You’ll still be comfortable, casual and relaxed, only now you’ll have the bonus of looking more put-together and feminine for class. Perfect.