WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

It’s Friday afternoon and your stylist calls you up to cancel your Saturday 10:00 a.m. hair appointment but you have already made plans with your girls for Saturday, you know, the kind of plans that involve the whole day. It’s too late to back out, so now what?

How about you throw on a hat and keep it moving? Who said you can’t keep it classy with a snapback facing backwards? This Fashionista said, “Forget all the norms!” and showed us otherwise. She chose a cap that, in whole, gave her entire look more of an urban feel. She wore a white, long sleeved top with a pair of medium-wash denim jeans. Over this, she chose to wear a navy, military-style jacket, with an A-line ruffled cut in the back. Just because this is Texas does not mean it does not cold here. Trust me, it does! Here, I found a similar jacket to this one this Fashionista is wearing in the picture. She also threw on a pair of nude, strappy heels, which gave the whole look an element of class. Note to you guys; a pair of nude heels is a must-have item to have in your closets. It is the perfect way to balance out an outfit without always having to resort to your over-worn pair of black pumps. This Fashionista then completed her ensemble with a bright lip in Heroine, by MAC.

One Simple Change: So a Taylor Lautner look-a-like approaches you while you’re out with your girls and asks you to go out for a drink with him later on that night. The problem is your hair still isn’t done and you can’t go out on a first date with a snapback on! Switch it out for a fedora and add a gold necklace for a little detailing and glam. Switch out the lip color for a nude shade. You don’t want purple lipstick stains on your wine glass on the first date!