WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Who doesn’t love a day of shopping? Filled with finding all sorts of new items to add to your closet and you never know what you’re going to find. This day will consist of a lot of walking and trying on clothes so, you want to prepare an outfit that will easily accompany you on your trip.

Too many layers can become annoying and no one enjoys pulling jeans on and off. Tights become a nuisance always having to be adjusted and wearing anything uncomfortable just ruins the whole day. Finding the perfect outfit is really essential for a stress free trip.

The perfect outfit would have a balance of easy to take on and off, for trying tons of different outfits and comfortable for walking around all day long. This Fashionista has found it. She pairs a simple black dress with a black cardigan and black boots to create a blank backdrop. Each item constructs a cohesive look, which can be complete with any bold item. Her loose dress and cardigan also bring together comfort and style, which in my opinion, is always an added bonus.

For her bold item the Fashionista adds a scarf. She chooses a brown and black printed scarf to complete the look. The scarf creates the perfect balance of bold and blends into her outfit effortlessly.

The scarf becomes the statement piece of her outfit tying together the all black look. It becomes the most important part of her outfit and the focal point of the pictures. Your eye is immediately drawn to it and it brings your eyes up to her face. The Fashionista is comfortable, confident and ready to take stores in style. Have fun shopping!

One Simple Change: To move from a daytime look to nighttime glamour, this look can easily be altered to fit a classier going out look. Swap the scarf for a chunky statement necklace and the black boots for ankle boots to elongate your legs and your ready for a night out on the town.