WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

I don’t know about you, but the weekend is the time for me to pull out the pieces in my wardrobe that aren’t exactly practical for the school week. Whether that’s with a cape or heels, I tend to dress up on the weekends because I actually have time. But It’s also very important to me to be comfortable. I’ve heard my style described as “post-nap chic.”

This Fashionista and I have the need for comfort in common. My usual weekend wear involves my usual leggings dressed up with a “better than normal shirt,” but God forbid I actually wear pants. That’s where we differ. This Fashionista picked a pair of real pants for her weekend walk around. That’s a big deal to me, for real.

Black skinny jeans have always been a staple in every good wardrobe. But recently it seems like they’re making a comeback of sorts. It’s like everyone forgot how amazing a good pair of black skinnies can be, and they’re just now discovering how versatile and easy they are to wear. This Fashionista might as well be called “the comeback kid,” because she paired her simple, back-in-style jeans with an outfit made of almost all the same shade. While I do love a good black outfit, by adding the neutral toned top with the sparse floral pattern this Fashionista brings the look up to a whole new level. She has a soft and feminine look while still having a bit of edge. It’s perfect for a weekend of running around or staying in.

One Simple ChangeFinishing up your weekend errands and want to grab dinner with the girls? Add a pair of barely there black heels and a leather jacket to contrast with the feminine floral pattern and you’ll have the perfect outfit for a girl’s night out.