WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

With spring semester starting up again, college students across the country are looking forward to their weekends. The weekend is always the best time of the week and with this comes a bunch of plans that you want to look cute for. It’s finally time to change out of those leggings or sweats you have been wearing for the past week to class and slip into something more fashion forward. This Fashionista keeps her outfit classic and comfortable yet bold with unique additions.

Her cropped black, laced up tank top gives some edge to the classic black tee look. The color works perfectly with the suede button-down skirt, a staple in every Fashionista’s closet. Knee-high boots, another staple piece, adds to the winter time feel of the overall look. The jean jacket adds some flow to the outfit and gives a pop of color that contrasts with the natural tones. The floppy hat pulls the whole look together making this look perfect for a winter weekend. A simple necklace is the best accessory to add as it doesn’t distract from the lace up look of the tank.

One Simple Change: With the weekend comes some celebration. If you’re planning on going out with friends, remove the hat and switch out the jean jacket to a dark-colored cardigan. This will definitely amp up the casual look. If you’re going out somewhere you may be dancing, change the knee-high boots to a pair of black booties. Your feet will be dancing all night!