WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

February 26th, 2016 at 2:10am

The dilemma for every girl in the morning while abroad is, “What can I wear that is both European-chic yet comfortable to walk around the city in?” This question comes up especially over the weekend. The fact of the matter is weekends in London are always eventful. Forget sleeping in or binge watching Reign on Netflix; there are a plethora of neighborhoods to explore with the most adorable vintage stores and pastel houses. Before you get there, however, you must scavenge your closet for the right clothes to take on the day in. The answer to your hunt is simple: contrasting layers.

This Fashionista was all layered up, with a cool twist, in Notting Hill last weekend. Her outfit showcases how you can stand out in the touristy crowds while still staying cozy. She rocked a pepper-colored sweater, which looks phenomenal against a tan coat because of the stellar contrast of light and dark. I am an advocate for making your outerwear add to, rather than take away for your ensemble and this Fashionista does exactly that. To show off her black ankle booties, this Fashionista cuffed her blue jeans at the ankle.

One Simple Change: Did you meet a cute guy at a London bookstore and bond over British literature? Did your witty banter over Pride and Prejudice lead to a coffee date later in the day? No worries, girl! Slip a mini skirt and some tights into your day bag. You can quickly change into them before your date for an effortlessly chic look. He’ll love you for your brains and bold sense of style!