Are you going to have a party with your friends this weekend? Meeting some new friends? Planning to go shopping? Hey, this is Thursday already! Plan your weekend and your dress for a day to night look. Brunch? Movie night? A music bar? A good dress can make you attractive in whatever situation.

If you wear black and white all week, don’t you want to add something colorful? You don’t want to make your weekends boring. When I saw this Fashionista, I felt her style is the one I want to recommend to you. Instead of wearing a classic black leather jacket, she chooses a red one with zippers on the sleeves and rectangles on the shoulder.  She wears a fit black turtleneck sweater which can keep her warm in the cold weather and show off her shape when she takes off her jacket. A white denim mini skirt and brown fur beret give her some cuteness. You don’t want to wear high heels in the snow. You can choose flat knee-high boots as this Fashionista does. It can make you sexy and keep your balance.

This Fashionista only has three colors on her. However I think red, black and white are the best matching colors. Red makes her stand out. When she takes off the jacket, the white skirt won’t make her boring. Her look can be worn from day to night. Her red lips also matches with her red jacket.

One Simple Change: If you are going to a restaurant with some dress code, I think the white mini skirt won’t fit. A black high-waisted midi skirt with a black ankle boots would be a good choice for you.