WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

As one semester (or quarter) comes to an end, another one comes around. But before the a new semester commences, we get to enjoy a nice break to rest, reflect and recharge. This transition from old to new is refreshing and an opportunity to unwind. We have the chance to go home and spend some time outside of school where winter may be mild and warm unlike the East Coast.

This Fashionista is wearing a ruffled-collar cream blouse with cropped black jeans, perfectly dressed for a mild winter. The blouse has character. Its navy blue borders and buttons provide an elegant accent to the classic staple.The ruffles around the collar add dimension, and the layering of all those ruffles creates an interesting texture. The sheer chiffon exudes a romantic and soft feel.

When packing for break, a pair of solid black jeans is a must-have on your packing list. It is not only versatile, it also accents all the right places. Also, a flowy, chiffon blouse can be dressed up and down and perfect for a variety of different occasions and thus another great item to include in your suitcase. Plus, the lightweight fabric makes it easy to pack!

One Simple Change: Going out? Go from day to night by just throwing on a coat and a pair of leather boots. If you are not feeling the pants,  swap the jeans for tights and a skirt. You can also wrap around a knit scarf for extra warmth.