WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

You’re vacationing in Colorado over winter break. The air is crisp and feels fresh against your skin; snow is falling lightly. You’ve just reached the bottom of the mountain after a long and draining, but incredibly exhilarating day on the slopes, and you’re exhausted. The only thing on your mind is shedding off those layers and jumping into that steaming hot Jacuzzi. But first, you happily pose for the friendly CollegeFashionista Style Guru who asks you ever so nicely if she could photograph you for her website. How could you say no?

This Fashionisto was heading back towards his condo when I approached him. He’s an advanced skier and has several different outfits that he plans on switching off wearing throughout the week. For any of you who are skiers or snowboarders, you know exactly why this outfit is so great for conquering the numerous trails and runs one might come across. When you’re flying down the mountain with a large group of friends, it’s imperative to wear something that will be noticeable from a distance so no one gets lost or separated from the crew. The pattern of his jacket speaks for itself. It is not particularly loud or showy, but it’s distinctive enough that it’ll be easy to recognize him even in a helmet and goggles. I’m itching to know what his other outfit combos might look like!

A cozy hat and boots are great to have waiting for you at the bottom of the mountain at your ski locker. There are few things less comfortable than ski boots and once you’ve officially retired for the day, you are aching (literally) to pull them off. His warm, comfortable snow boots and Spyder beanie are perfect for the short walk back to his room.

One Simple Change: Evidently, there are limited settings where one would rock this apparel. Other than while engaging in legitimate snow sports, you could wear this while sledding or snow tubing in your own backyard. Let’s face it, you’re never too old for some winter fun!