WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

Spring Break is coming for some and going for others. Regardless of whether you’re on the front or tail end of your travels, if you went somewhere, there’s usually a long day of transit built into your break. I’m a huge proponent of choosing comfort over fashion when traveling, but you definitely don’t need to completely wave goodbye to your sense of style. I salute those of you in cute dresses and heels on planes and trains, but I think most of us would be in favor of leggings and some cute sneakers. This Fashionista could be comfortable and still super cute on a walk across town, a road trip or an international flight. And her adorable backpack is perfect for all of the necessities that you must have in reach while you’re heading for your destination!

Decked out in a mix of new and vintage layers, this Fashionista showcases a super cute miniature pink backpack by placing it on top of a dark base and neutral oversized shirt, which she left unbuttoned to showcase her necklaces and lacy bralette. Cute black bralettes are a great to show off under light knits and are really practical for travel due to their comfort factor. A simple necklace is another good way to add something eye-catching to a travel outfit that won’t bog you down. To top your favorite leggings and comfy top off, cute sunglasses and killer sneakers are a perfect way to amp up your look while serving a purpose.

One simple change: Ready to wear cute travel outfits, but nowhere to go? Comfy outfits for trains are a perfect double up as outfits to wear to class! Just replace a train to another city with the subway to your 9:00 a.m. Go for the leggings and T-shirt look, but don’t top it off with a hoodie. Add a comfy oversized top as an outerwear piece and find useful accessories that add some flare. Instead of a tiny backpack for essentials, grab a tote that will fit your laptop and notebooks!