For a Fashionista/o, the style what you choose to wear to class is very important. The amazing thing about fashion is that it is so versatile, you can dress preppy if you want, or girly, hipster, classic, masculine; the opportunities are endless. To get an idea of what your personal style is, try taking a quiz! A style quiz, based on your responses to questions, can show you potential fashion personalities that might suit you. You don’t have to follow what the quiz says as a rule, but you can switch it up day to day even, how cool is that? Just try typing “fashion personality quiz” into Google, and you are all set to discover your fashion personality!

If your fashion personality is mostly classic you can look to classic icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly or even more modern, Emma Watson! They are great examples of a classic style.

This Fashionista has a classic style that works perfectly for a regular day of classes. Her black jeans can be worn with pretty much anything whether she is dressing up or down. Very much a staple in any fashion personalities wardrobe. For this look she is slightly more dressed up which is perfect for a presentation in class, or a coffee date after. Timeless black flats look chic with her outfit. Her top has a gorgeous black and white pattern, which adds a pop to her outfit. A white cardigan completes the look, perfect for if she gets cold in class, or just wants to be more covered.

She is going simple on the accessories with just a pair of elegant earrings. They are trendier with the piece that comes down behind her ear, but since they are diamonds it completes her classic look well.

One Simple Change: To take this look from class to date night, take off the cardigan and swap the flats for heels. It’s a put together look that will make him think you spent all night planning your outfit.