WHAT TO WEAR: Taking Care of Business

Spring is approaching and we all know what that means, job hunting season. Along with all of the midterms before spring break, we are also looking for our summer or future plans.

This little Fashionista shows us just the perfect amount of professional and fabulous. Dressing professionally does not mean we have to look bland or fit in with the crowd. Just like an interview, we have to find ways to make ourselves stand out. So, let’s start with how to make our professional look wow our employers.

First, this Fashionista’s pattern pants is exactly how you get your foot in the door. Dressing professionally does not necessarily mean all-black head to toe. By adding a little pop of print, you are showing off your own personal flair, which will make you stand out from the crowd. She keeps the classy look by adding her signature accessory, a pearl necklace. This accessory ties in the perfect amount of class needed for landing that dream internship or career in the interview. Lastly, the piece that ties the entire professional look together, the blazer. Every professional should have a blazer that gives the down to business look but still incorporates their own style.

Now, to achieve your young professional look, you have to insure that you make your look represent you from head to toe. Incorporate accessories and styles that make you feel comfortable and confident—the two key components in winning over the interviewer. Let your style guide you in receiving that position you are setting out to achieve.