WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

In the fall, Saturdays in the South are not just a day to relax and kick back. Saturdays are dedicated to football, tailgates and of course, the Carolina Gamecocks. Walking to the tailgates you’ll see this more than anything: college-aged girls in their black swaying dresses perfectly paired with a pair of brown cowboy boots. It’s a signature outfit for a football game, and it has been for decades. But, why do we have to limit our outfit on game day to one color or style? Who says you can’t switch it up and make a statement at your college football tailgate?

This Fashionista decided to layer a bell-sleeve black bohemian-style top with a white overall dress. The cowboy boots are still a vital piece of the outfit, but instead of wearing traditional brown cowboy boots, she decided to go with a pair of black cowboy boots. She also incorporated gamecock colors by throwing a garnet chunky sweater over her sequenced fringe purse. Her jewelry definitely pulls the outfit together by adding a more vintage look. The suede wrap around choker with an antler pendant is the perfect accessory to tie everything together. This outfit still encompasses all the gamecock colors, while adding an edgy look to a typical game day outfit. This Fashionista will surely stand out in a crowd and make a fashion statement at her next college football tailgate.

One Simple Change: Remove the cowboy boots and replace them with a pair of riding boots to wear this outfit out for brunch with a friend. This outfit, regardless of the occasion, is the perfect mix of bohemian and vintage-chic that everyone needs in their closet!