WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

January 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

New Year, new aesthetic! For me at least. This year I am trying to incorporate my school spirit into my everyday wardrobe. During my trip to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl, I caught this Fashionista roaming the streets in a vintage Michigan State University Spartans bomber jacket. After chatting about the history of this jacket, I found out that it was vintage from back when her dad went to school.

This look is the perfect combination for a fashionable take on tailgating. The vintage bomber adds a classic look to more hip trends, like her classic white with black stripe adidas. Since we were in Texas the weather was similar to the fall temps we have during fall here in Michigan. That being said, jeans and a good sweatshirt would be a good layering idea for games.

If you are looking for a school spirited bomber like this one, try eBay. I’ve found vintage sweatshirts and memorabilia that aren’t sitting around in your local campus store by bidding on eBay of other secondhand online stores. Wearing a bomber like this makes you stand out in a crowd. I saw this Fashionista get compliments after walking away from our mini photo shoot. Maybe you’ll make it onto the big screen if you spin around and show your school support, like the Spartans on her back, during the game.

One Simple Change: If you are heading to class you can incorporate your school spirit into your wardrobe by putting on am pair of skinny jeans, a thick sweater and high-top Dr. Martens. This combo will keep you warm and your feet dry during these wet winter months.