WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

If you’re anything like my friends and I, tailgating and sporting events are one of the most fun parts about being in college. Here at the University of Kansas, basketball is a huge sport and we are known for being a tough team to beat. It isn’t strange to see people on campus sporting jerseys or blue and red to support our Jayhawks.

This Fashionista has taken her own school spirit and transformed it into a perfect outfit that will allow her to scream and cheer for our favorite team. She’s wearing some comfortable dark wash jeans with her favorite Frye leather boots. Although these shoes were an investment, she comments that she can wear them with just about anything. For outerwear she puts on her light Burberry quilted jacket, just in case she gets a little chilly. For her shirt, she is sporting a KU Jayhawks shirt from Victoria’s Secret. She mentioned that wearing a big oversized jersey is not her style so she typically sticks to this tee or blue and red colors.

When it comes to a tailgating party or a specific sporting event, I have found that there is no way to go wrong. With a simple tee, jeans and a great pair of boots, you will look like you planned this look all along; just remember not to wear the opponent’s colors on accident!

One Simple Change: If you want to take this into more of a girl’s night out look, throw on an oversized sweater, keep the jeans and change out your riding boots for some more fancy booties. Grab your favorite lipstick and small handbag and you ready to celebrate the victory!