Atlanta is known for its music, its culture, its women and, most importantly, its heat! No matter how many air conditioned Starbucks you run into to cool down, there is no escaping this heat wave. Most find it impossible to be cute and cool but this Fashionista has mastered this.

The Fashionista protects her eyes with a pair of round sunglasses styled with smoky gradient lenses. She keeps her hair off her neck by pulling it up into two balls. This way her hair doesn’t add extra heat, although her lips are burning up with her favorite red lipstick. Her gold starfish earrings allow her to have the beach near her at all times.

Statement necklaces are a staple in this Fashionista’s closet. These necklaces can take an outfit from zero to 100 real quick! You can imagine my surprise when she said she got this one from Wal-Mart for only five dollars. Now, thanks to Wal-Mart, these necklaces have been made more affordable and accessible without losing any of the statement. Her shirt, which states, “Broke” (or what I like to call pre-rich), describes most college students. Living on your own for the first time can take a toll on your wallet, but your style shouldn’t have to suffer as well.

Most people tell you to stay as far away from black as possible in the summer, but black is a go-to color for this Fashionista and many others. Black retains heat so wearing it can become quite unbearable. Thanks to the comfort and breathable fabric from the adidas joggers, it no longer has to be.

What completely caught my eye with this look are the heels. While most would just finish off this look with a simple pair of sneakers, this Fashionista decided to glam it up which added instant versatility.

One Simple Change: To take the look from day to night, add a black blazer and place some translucent powder on the lipstick to transform it from creamy to matte.