Lots of people like me love summer because of the weather, but I also love it because of the fashion too. Everything just seems a lot simpler and more natural. I mean, we are wearing less clothing. That means less time spent in your closet and more time spent in the sun.

This Fashionista’s freshman year at St. Mary’s College is calling her name, so while she’s new at the whole college routine, she’s definitely not new to fashion. Although summer fashion can be a breeze, I’m still giving this Fashionista tons of credit. She achieves a simple yet playful look with only five pieces: a chambray shirt, mint denim shorts, a graphic tank top, a pair of Chucks and an Alex and Ani bracelet.

Her use of pastels in this ensemble caught my attention the most. Some might opt to pair a baby pink tank top with light wash denim shorts, but this Fashionista decides to rock a mint pair. Get it, girl. She incorporates the lighter wash with her chambray shirt, which creates a neutral balance, ultimately unifying the light pink and mint green.

This Fashionista’s Converse shoes coordinate with the black graphics in her tank top and keep the look classic because those babies have been around forever, and I don’t see them going out of style any time soon. This college newbie accessorized with a St. Mary’s themed Alex and Ani bracelet. I think someone’s excited for college? She should be! The bracelet is a small add-on that shows us that this Fashionista still cares about accessorizing in a season where college students tend to get lazy when it comes to fashion. Extra style points for this girl! She knows exactly what she’s doing; you never want to overaccessorize in the summertime because as I’ve said a million times already, summer fashion is pretty simple. I think now you get the point, though.

But because summer fashion can be so easy, take a risk with your color scheme. As you can see, pastels work well together, and they’ll definitely complement your newly tanned skin. Or, wear a graphic tank top or T-shirt like this Fashionista to draw attention to your look. I totally dig the alien shirt, considering the alien emoji is my all-time fave. Don’t stress this summer in regards to fashion; keep things simple, but remember that small personal touches along the way will keep you stylin’ this summer.

One Simple Change: Throw on a pair of sunnies to add some edge, and to protect those eyes of yours, of course.