July 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

If I had my way, I would probably be wearing gym shorts and a T-shirt during those really hot summer days. It is easy to get very lazy especially in the summer when all we want to do is be comfortable in the humid weather. The answer to our prayers is the romper. I love rompers because of how easy they are to wear and how effortless they are even though they can be dressed up for any occasion. I immediately spotted this Fashionista on campus when she was wearing this adorable romper!

The romper was a very chic color and had some detail on the front which made it more interesting. The fit was loose and comfortable and was perfect for one of those days when you have a million things to do and don’t have time to pick out a cute outfit and do full hair and makeup. This Fashionista paired her dusty rose colored romper with a simple hairstyle and simple accessories. Although her necklace was very understated, the blue color really popped against the color of the romper and the color of the skin. Her sandals were casual and went perfectly with the tone of the look and kept the outfit summery and easy to wear. You can tell that when she did her hair she wanted something effortless yet fashionable. A ponytail is probably one of the best hairstyles for summer because it keeps you from sweating on those extremely hot days and they really keep the focus on the cute outfit you are wearing. This Fashionista nailed it with the adorable romper and how she put the whole outfit together.

One Simple Change: Take a casual romper from day to night by paring it with more accessories, a fun hairdo or cute high heels!