WHAT TO WEAR: Spring into Spring

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring into Spring

Spring is here and with it comes the question, what to wear? As we say goodbye to winter and push our beloved coats and sweaters to the back of our closets, it’s only natural to think of what comes next.

It’s time to breathe life into our skirts and dresses again. Pastel colors and floral prints are the main staples of a typical spring wardrobe, but they don’t have to be. Living in Florida, one becomes accustomed to seeing people test their style limits. It’s spring, but that doesn’t mean you need to go for the expected floral.

This Fashionista sprung into spring with a fun black tutu skirt and a bright orange top detailed with lace embroidery. She paired the outfit with simple black flats. She let her bold color choice and flowy skirt catch my attention and went with natural looking makeup.

Color can be so much fun to play around with. It has a way of affecting your mood in a positive way. Seeing this little orange top definitely brightened up my day. Sometimes dressing up for classes is one of the main reasons to force yourself out of the warm comforts of bed. Why not make the trip to class worth the effort and throw on something cool?

Next time you find yourself standing in front of your closet thinking about what to wear, consider going for something a little different, after all spring is all about new growth blossoming. If the flowers can do it, so can you.