March 18th, 2016 at 2:10am

Spring Break has come and gone and those of us who don’t go to school in the south are left wondering when our next chance to break out the crop tops and bikinis will be. Spring fever is a very real thing. When the weather starts to warm up even a little it’s easy to skip the seasonal transition and go puffer jacket to tank top in no time flat. It’s the classic time of year when half of the class is wearing flip flops while the other half is wearing Uggs (ugh).

While I like warm weather just as much, if not more, than the next girl, I may as well embrace what I can’t change. Unfortunately, though summer weather seems close, there’s an entire season standing between me and the beach. In the meantime I’ll express my love affair with colorful tights and wearing dresses with boots.

No matter how you do spring fashion the first step is to find the perfect jacket; remember, you can never go wrong with a neutral color. This Fashionista sports a lightweight, black jacket with leather details around the shoulders and neck to give it an extra flair. The leather accents match the subtle leather stripe on the side of her black pants. She maintains a monochromatic color scheme and strays away from winter chunky knits by instead choosing a fine-knit gray sweater as the base of her look.

Her white adidas sneakers broke up the dark color scheme in an effortlessly high-fashion way. She accessorized not only with jewelry, but also with makeup and technology. a classic red lipstick and pizza printed phone case were the finishing touches on this springtime look. From day to night and class to a dinner, this Fashionista is ready for all things spring!

One Simple Change: Take this look from spring to summer by swapping out the pants for a pair of high-waisted shorts. A simple black pair would do the trick, but you can even go full on (vegan) leather if you dare.