WHAT TO WEAR: Snow More Snow Days

WHAT TO WEAR: Snow More Snow Days

Welcome back Fashionista/os!

It’s definitely winter now, with classes getting cancelled and students being snowed in. The only problem is—we still must venture out of our dorms for some food and the classes that aren’t cancelled. When it’s time for this fashionista to leave her bed, she knows the perfect way to bundle up!

The key to bracing the snow is a thick blanket scarf and a heavy—but cute—jacket. This fashionista picked her go-to black winter jacket with a faux fur trim on the hood. This jacket is the perfect staple for any outfit this winter!

The blanket scarf is the perfect way to spice up her outfit while staying extra warm. It covers most of her upper body which is the perfect cozy accessory on a snowy day. She finished off her outfit with her Sperry boots. They make it easier for her to walk across campus with the snow and keep her feet from getting frost bite! It also adds to her cute and warm vibe she has with her outfit!

The major key for winter is staying cozy! Nothing is more satisfying than having a cute outfit that also keeps you super warm—and this fashionista has this part down. Now here’s to hoping that this is the last of the snow and soon we can ditch the many layers!