Rumor has it…the winter weather will be in full swing for the next couple of months. Normally, I’d say it’s proper etiquette to be fashionably late, but this sudden drop in temperature is just starting to play around with a Fashionista/o’s wardrobe. I love this Fashionista’s spirit in correlation with the cold and rainy weather forecast on WVU’s campus. What attracts me to this look is the effortless aesthetic. This look is just another reminder that—if done right—one can look great for class without putting in the extra time.

The large setting of this scarf looks roomy and warm. The combination of seafoam blues and greens in the offset foundation of the scarf complement the traditional navy, yellow and red plaid pattern. This Fashionista chose to elongate the ends to make it act as a wrap, which is perfect for imitating this season’s trend of the notorious Burberry blanket: seen on socialite Olivia Palermo. Now we can obsess about this exaggerated scarf to blanket ratio!

This Fashionista also easily resolves the if leggings-are-really-pants-or-not argument with her revolving fashion choices. It’s safe to say that the controversial legging has more positives than negatives in this Fashionista’s look. The black is slimming, and with the layering aesthetic of the high socks and rain boots—those legs look forever long! She pairs a tunic that falls right below her bottom. Additionally, the tunic’s banded hemline creates a barrier of structure to the still so-comfy look.

She tops off her look for class with a neutral in color jacket and a spacious tote bag. Her bubbly smile is her best accessory yet; clearly, being her secret weapon for getting through the sporadic rain and sleet.

One Simple Change: Eventually when the weather clears up, this Fashionista will be able to nix the jacket and add a simple cross-body bag for a leisurely walk around campus.