WHAT TO WEAR: Presentations

I know what you’re thinking; it’s only the beginning of the semester, so classes should be pretty relaxed, right? Well think again. This is your lucky semester of fast-paced classes, and now you have a presentation that’s due. The creeping stress of trying to meet with groupmates for prep and rehearsals grows. And on top of that, it’s a challenge to find a multipurpose look that is both professional and casual enough to be carried on to an entire day of classes.

We all are too familiar with the questions fellow classmates ask when they see you in business attire, “Did you have a presentation today?” I, for one, have been asked that every time I’m dressed in business clothes, and it’s a struggle to find the right look that will transfer to the next class. By following this Fashionista’s footsteps, you will surely be able to avoid looking like yourself from the middle school science fair.

This Fashionista rocks the ever so effortless look of professionalism, making it look easy to achieve. Her minimalist color-blocking is pleasing to the eye. The sweater with a semi-surplice, semi-cowl neckline is comfy and warm. Her dark gray dress pants are slimming and shape her body nicely. Have you seen those matte black Ray-Ban sunglasses and the zipper on her boots? They nicely complement her sweater’s texture. Finally, she tops it all off with a white structured blazer.

One Simple Change: Preparing for a girls’ night out? Go for a casual look by trading those dress pants for a tube skirt, and you are ready to unwind from a long day of school.