WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

It’s come to that extremely busy time of the semester that I dread every season. All of a sudden my schoolwork starts piling up, I’m behind in the required reading and exams seem to pop up out of nowhere. If this situation sounds familiar to you, then you’re probably also familiar with the low maintenance look that typically accompanies these stressful kinds of weeks. Exams and all-nighters may be a perfect excuse to wear leggings and oversized sweaters every day, but what about presentation days? When you are asked to present a project in front of a class, you need to look professional and feel confident. Personally, nothing calms my nerves better than knowing I’m wearing a flattering and fashionable outfit.

Most class presentations require at least a business casual dress code. When it comes to business casual, I automatically envision frumpy, unflattering clothing. And sure, it may be easy to fall back on those old flare dress pants and white button-up, but if you really want to feel your best while standing in front of a full class, you need to look your best too! This Fashionista shows us one presentation look that is anything but frumpy.

The first thing that caught my eye was the bright red blazer. I love that this Fashionista broke free from the standard black suit by incorporating a colored jacket into her look. Although it might pay off to invest in a few high-quality suits, you can find trendy, affordable blazers at places such as Forever 21. Underneath she wears a sleeveless, bow neck blouse with pleated detail. The bow adds a subtle feminine touch.

On her bottom half, this Fashionista went for a simple black pant with zippered pockets. Though the pant is fitted, the fabric is thicker and more structured than a basic legging, making it suitable for a presentation or for work. The skinny fit allowed her to layer an over-the-knee leather boot. This option still looks professional when paired with the rest of the outfit, yet is much more practical for walking around campus than a heel would be. She looks confident and ready to go!

One Simple Change: After you’ve wrapped up your presentation and are running to your next class, you might want to switch into something a bit cozier and less formal. A long, chunky cardigan will be easy to stow in a backpack or bag and provides a quick switch from your blazer.