WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

For some people, it’s easy to speak in front of an audience. For others, presenting in front of people is a nightmare. For these people, there are a couple of things that they can do in order to feel better about public speaking. For one, knowing the material you’re presenting and being sure about what you’re talking about key. Also, having notecards can help you stay on track. Finally, feeling good in what you’re wearing and being dressed stylishly can give you a boost of confidence that that will make your presentation stand out.

This week, I found a Fashionista that can show us some tips on what we can wear for a presentation. She started the look off with an oversized sweater in a neutral color. Neutral colors are great for presenting because too many colors can be a distraction to your listeners. She added a pair of leggings with a leather stripe down the side. Normally, leggings aren’t the best recommendation for a presentation, but the stripes of faux leather give these leggings a dressier look. Some booties are comfortable and you can wear them to school. This week’s Fashionista chose a pair of ankle booties with a wide heel. These booties are comfortable and presentable. Finally, the Fashionista wore some jewelry that completed the look with a personal touch. The earrings are simple, which prevents the accessories from overpowering the outfit. The necklace this Fashionista chose is unique and gives the final touch of personality.

One Simple Change: Your presentation goes fantastic, so you decide to go celebrate with some girlfriends. Add a leather jacket to make the look perfect for a girl’s night out.