WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

When giving a presentation in class, many professors will expect or ask you to dress business casual. While most students will dread getting dressed up for class, this Fashionista shows that you can look professional while still being comfortable.

She keeps things basic with a black and white color scheme. When giving a presentation, it is better to keep things simple so as not to take the attention away from what you are talking about. Loud colors or bold accessories might be distracting. By pairing her white blouse with a black cardigan rather than a blazer, the outfit is more comfortable but still looks classic and put together. The sheer panel on the top of her white blouse adds an element of style while keeping the blouse conservative and simplistic for her presentation. As for bottoms, this Fashionista is wearing knit pants, which are just as comfortable as your go to pair of jeans.

This Fashionista completes her look with nude flats. Flats are an essential in any college student’s wardrobe. Nude flats in particular will always come in handy because, as opposed to black ones, they match with everything from black to navy to pastel colors. She also is wearing a simple necklace with a gold chain and a gold and silver leaf charm. Mixing the two metals allows her to add further accessories of either metal. In addition, simple necklaces are a huge trend because they add that little something extra without being overbearing.

One Simple Change: Swap out the flats for a pair of nice boots or booties to keep your feet warmer when giving a presentation in the winter.