WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

It’s the beginning of the spring semester. Here in Cal, you’re probably already stressed out about all those midterms and presentations. Presentations can be very frightening—not only because you are judged by the content, but also because you have to stand in front of the entire class. With 40 pairs of eyes staring at you for 10 minutes, it’s natural to be self-conscious about your speech, your posture and, as a Fashionista/o, your outfit. It’s no picnic talking about the urban movement of nineteenth century Russia while worrying if your skirt is in season. So, now that you’re almost finished your PowerPoint outline, it’s time to think about what to wear.

Check out how this Fashionista masters a polished, but laid back outfit. Her fuchsia chiffon top draws people’s attention and demonstrates her great taste. Its soft texture tones down the strong color, while her structured black jacket adds clean, sharp lines to frame her silhouette. The combination is elegant, matching her simple necklace (a gift from her boyfriend). It’s important to note that when wearing see-through materials, like chiffon, choose a more intense color. You don’t want any embarrassment caused by the projector’s bright light.

Her riding boots are practical, and they fit the spring weather perfectly. The chestnut color enriches the pink blouse, mixing up the look’s palette. Even though they are both warm tones, these two colors evoke very different feelings: the brown boots are down-to-earth, while the fuchsia top is electrifying. The two balance each other out, creating a fun combo that’s not overdone.

This Fashionista’s outfit is your perfect guide to presentation attire. Now stop procrastinating and go work on your presentation. If you tend to have stage frights, spray some perfume on before heading to class—flowery scent always boosts confidence.

One Simple Change: Going out with your girlfriends instead? Switch to a pair of sleek heels for an epic girls night out.