WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

Sure beauty is pain, but let’s admit it, nobody wants to walk from their dorm to their classroom (during the winter) in heels and a dress. Especially when the purpose is to look nice for only five to ten minutes in front of the class for a presentation. This Fashionista proved that you don’t have to wear a dress or heels to look killer for a class presentation.

On a bitter grey day at Elon, this Fashionista caught my eye. Her black-on-black ensemble with pops of red emits a certain sophistication about her. She looks put together, classy and stylish, but still comfy and warm. These layers provide an extra coat of warmth during the icy walks to class in the mornings. Plus, the flat booties would definitely come in handy if she is late and she needs to pick up the pace a bit to get to her class on time. This look is perfect for a presentation because it is presentable but practical.

Her plaid button-down with rolled-up sleeves proves she is ready to go. She’s not afraid to get down and dirty to prove her point during her presentation! This sweater has the perfect neckline for layering underneath. Any Fashionista could tell you that button-downs are one of the classiest options for public speaking and presenting. A button-down providing a pop of plaid to an outfit is the perfect kind of pop for this occasion.

One Simple Change: Swap the flat booties for a pair of high-heeled boots, and she is ready for a girl’s night out!