WHAT TO WEAR: Parent's Weekend

You’re just getting used to school, but you also start to miss home. It’s not enough to become homesick, but it’s just enough to the point where you dream about those amazing home cooked meals. Plus, you’re getting a little sick of the dining hall food.

Well, don’t worry, because Parent’s Weekend is here to save the day! Parent’s Weekend is such an exciting time. You get to see your family again. You can show your parent’s how much you’ve changed in the last couple months. You can show them the life of a true college student, and most importantly, they can treat you to awesome dinners.

Meeting your parents again is like making a new first impression. After all, you’re showing off the new you. So, I met up with this Fashionisto, a first-year student at Harvard University. This Fashionisto has the best look to show off your new maturity and class!

Here he is, dressed in a long sleeved collared shirt, slim fit khakis, brown leather shoes, a very stylish watch and a leather belt. To top it all of, he dons a Harvard insignia bow tie! his outfit is the perfect combination of sophistication and charm. Plus, it never hurts to show off some school spirit (hence, the bow tie). This outfit is perfect for all scenarios: meeting your parents, introducing them to your professors or going out for dinner.

One Simple Change: Have a special someone and need to meet their parents, as well? Simply throw on a nice jacket or vest to bring it up a notch. You’ll be sure to impress!