WHAT TO WEAR: Natural Tones

Most snow-loving Fashionistas spend their fall season dreaming of winter’s crisp days: you have just enough time to rise from your plush bed, apply makeup and leap out your door for a day of flurry-filled fun. A typical day might be meeting friends for lunch, dancing with the snowflakes, and reminiscing over the frosty fun with some hot cocoa at the end of the day. Whether you’re running amongst snow banks or bustling cities, your outfit has to reflect the chill, nature-loving aesthetic that you show during your woodsy adventures. I’ve found a Fashionista that makes her outfits warm, playful and comfortable – even while padding through inches of snow.

Although this Fashionista may not be sporting loads of accessories, this outfits simple and dynamic look is something that many winter lovers would love to model! Without dangling earrings, necklaces or bracelets, this outfit gives the wearer the freedom of movement – something that is much appreciated during an extravagant snowball fight or trek through the forest. By jumping onto the bandwagon and sporting the ever-trending keyhole shirt, the ensemble keeps our Fashionista warm with long sleeves while also showing a bit of chest through the cutout. The tee’s simple two-colored scheme, paired with the repeated stripes, also matches an earthy green parka. This monochrome scheme mixed with earthy tones reveals our Fashionista’s earthy aesthetic, which is further accentuated through her Doc Martens. The boots are fashionable and tomboyish, but also keep snow off our Fashionista’s feet as she dances in the snow.

This simple outfit can be tied together with some natural makeup. Our Fashionista has applied light, casual makeup to draw attention to a more natural state of being – our Fashionista is as chill and calm as her look! This natural makeup reflects a bareness that can be seen in Naturism, further drawing out her earthy tones.

I hope everyone is well prepared for looking stylish while playing in the snow. Feel free to groove the day away—because you’re definitely going to warmest and best dressed!