WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

Everyone knows that meeting the parents can be one of the most difficult parts of a relationship, especially in college. This is your one chance to make a first impression and you better dress the part! Chances are, you have called up your best friends and asked for fashion advice on this subject. Well look no further gents! I bring you the oh-so-classic meet the parents attire.

This Fashionisto is taking advantage of playing with warm colors. You want to make a statement and what better way than standing out from the brown and gray environment with the colors of brighter days. Wearing warm colors like mustard yellow and cherry red can give off the attitude that you’re an enjoyable and caring young man. You don’t even need to talk! Your clothes can say it all so let your style speak.

If the weather’s cold, opt for a nice sweater and mustard kakis. The ribbing on the side of this Fashionisto’s sweater gives it a little play on your average sweater. To not seem too washed out, he went for the colored kakis. This outfit is original with a twist; it’s classic yet has subtle trendy features. Guys, don’t be afraid to add a little fashion into your outfit. The mother of your S.O. will probably love you for of it.  Being able  to keep up with the trends and work them into your style is a skill. Rock it!

Don’t forget the shoes! Shoes can be one of the most important pieces of an outfit, for any occasion. This Fashionisto went for a classic and everyday shoe. Since he has plenty happening on top, it’s good to stay low-key on the bottom. This outfit is full of contrasting pieces, just enough excitement to bring to meeting the parents!

One Simple Change: To take this look from meeting the parents to class, simply switch up the dress shoes for a pair of casual sneakers and you’re all set for jumping from class to class!

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