March 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

Considering I have spent most of this semester in the library, I have become an expert on most things library-related. What size coffee should I get at Starbucks? Where can I sit that has the least amount of traffic so I can take short naps? Where do most of the attractive men sit? And especially, what should I wear for the ultimate style comfort?

Now picture this. You have a finance test in about 14 hours. You have to go crank out that knowledge box we like to call a brain. You know that the cute guy from your other business class is going to be there. What do you wear so that you look extremely hot, but also like you aren’t trying, with the capability of flinging your legs in every position your flexibility will allow? Well, this Fashionista nailed it.

The lululemon leggings are a must, because if you’re anything like me, you like to put your legs on the table, or bent on the chair, or in some position that the human body allows. Now if you’re wearing a skirt or loose shorts, you don’t want to flash that guy from your business class, so it’s good to wear bottoms that keep everything covered.

Her sorority shirt is a requirement because you have to walk around campus representing something right? Also, the pineapple is obviously in. Her cardigan keeps the comfort trend going, while keeping her warm under the hardcore Arizona air conditioning. Her sandals give her easy access to becoming barefoot in a second. This Fashionista is looking cute, casual, done up and ready to mingle with whoever comes along her way, while also showing her upcoming exam who’s boss.

One Simple Change:  If you take off those leggings and put on some denim shorts of any color, you’ll be ready for a ton of other occasions, including the date you scored from looking hot in front of that cutie at the library. Go get ‘em, girl.