It is the week before Spring Break, which means that most of have been cooped up in the library completing our final assignments—I am definitely guilty of this. When you spend time in such a dismal, depressing place, you need the proper outfit. You are going to be sitting down all day, and especially if you are working in a secluded cubby, no one is going to notice what you are wearing. In this case, comfort is key. I found a Fashionista who sported a cute, comfortable and casual outfit that would be perfect to study in.

Let’s start off with her sweatshirt. This fleece crewneck style has been around for years. The Fashionista’s version was given a modern high fashion twist with its unique design. It features a replicated Chanel logo followed by the word “fake.” Ironic logo T-shirts and sweatshirts are the latest way to pay a tribute to some of your favorite designers without breaking the bank. Not only was the design witty, but the text appeared painted on, which gave it an effortless feel.

This sweatshirt could have gone sloppy, but the Fashionista avoided looking lazy by pairing it with some skinny jeans. Her unique skinnies contained different patches and washes, which helped add interest to her look.

The Fashionista topped her look off with a classic peacoat. This classic cold weather essential is the perfect layering piece to wear to and from the library.

Finally, to polish everything off, the Fashionista sported a pair of wedge sneakers. They were black and gray, so they coordinated perfectly with her look. They also helped maintain the nonchalant vibe of her outfit.

Overall, this Fashionista maintained a look that was cute, comfortable and slightly edgy, while still being casual. Opt for a similar look when you are spending your days at the library.

One Simple Change: Nix the jacket and add a pair of pointy toe heels. You will then have an urban-chic outfit that is perfect for date night or a night out with the girls!