As we trek through March, the biggest complications with winter are glacial temperatures and the unnerving effects of cabin fever. Unfortunately, this most frequently occurs when you haven’t left the confines of your room in a while. It’s surprising how liberating a simple outing can make you feel; whether you’re off to the library or to the student center, the reminder that life still exists in frigid temperatures is truly refreshing. Instead of restricting oneself to the same mundane walls, every student needs a figurative happy hour to stroll outside of their usual campus periphery and develop a new appreciation for school grounds.

While we all cringe at the prospect of doing schoolwork for hours on end, with upcoming midterms it’s imperative that we spend laborious hours with our heads in the books. Because the tempting call of Netflix and spontaneous friend gatherings can drag you away from study obligations, sometimes it’s better to withdraw yourself from all distractions and retire to the peaceful semblance of your campus library.

On her way to the library, I spotted this Fashionista sporting the optimal library look for streamlining both comfort and style. A loose graphic T-shirt from Express proudly features her campus state (If you’re interested in exhibiting your state spirit, go check out your local Express stores to adorn yourself with your own residential pride.) The clean top provides a neutral background to her tights and skirt combo, a versatile trend that I personally return to season after season. A breezy skater skirt or dress is a summer staple, but paired with tights it is able to transcend steamy summer days and carry on well into winter temps. Black or gray tights are classic basics that will effectively frame any outfit; bold, colored tights are a fun way to let your flirty legs take the spotlight. With such a large breadth of options, anyone’s personal style can benefit from a reliable pair of stockings. This Fashionista decided to pair her classic sheer black stockings with a gray cotton skater skirt, inspiring a timelessly chic semblance. Skater skirts are the ideal course of action when dealing with comfort; while pencil skirts and wrap skirts often restrict movement, opting for skater or circle skirts will give your untamed legs room to move around.

She tops off the look with a black peacoat and her eccentric Dr. Martens, perfect for taking on the winter sludge-filled sidewalks while still keeping your feet warm. The pop of purple adds the perfect amount of contrast and personality to ensure that the overall outfit not appear too matte.

One Simple Change: Tired of studying after a cumbersome day and want to reward yourself with a girl’s night out? Don’t be ashamed of letting your ensemble get a little flirty. Swap out the graphic T-shirt with a patterned crop top and the black peacoat with a sleek leather jacket for a clean, poignant ambience.