As much as I would love to spend every sunny day outside, my schedule doesn’t always allow this to happen. Tulane students are well accustomed to the struggle of deciding between putting off homework to tan by the Mississippi River or sucking it up and making your way to the library. While there are definitely times to take a break, I’ve found that I’m more likely to make it to the library and have a great study session if I have an easy and comfortable outfit. I found this Fashionista on her way to the library looking comfortable and ready to get to work.

In my opinion, one essential characteristic of a study outfit is soft and breathable fabrics. This Fashionista chose a pair of black, relaxed-fit cotton pants that will keep her warm in the library and won’t bother her after a few hours like jeans might. Soft pants are perfect for an instantly cool look with minimal effort. They look great with a neutral knit tank top like this student’s or a breezy sweater thrown on top.

Aside from fabrics so soft you could sleep in them (though I wouldn’t suggest doing this at the library), a study outfit requires comfortable footwear. I’ve seen a few brave souls rocking heels at the library in the past, but given the fashion world’s recent obsession with sneakers I rarely find a reason to wear anything else. This Fashionista’s patterned sneakers came all the way from Bolivia and are perfect for adding some of her unique style to her neutral look.

This Fashionista accessorized perfectly for the library by layering her study abroad bracelets to create a simple, yet imitable look. The addition of her small necklace and ring bring the accessories together in a perfectly mismatched way. She looks put together, effortlessly cool and ready to earn that study break.

One Simple Change: After spending a day at the library you deserve a night out. Keep your chic and breezy pants, but swap your sneakers for some embellished heels and get ready to dance the night away.