As we approach the half-way point of another semester, some of our nights and weekends are inevitably bound to be spent studying at the library. While studies are important, it doesn’t mean you have to completely forgo your sense of style to crack open the books. It’s time to become familiar with a little something I call effortless style. Save those yoga pants for the gym and the UGG boots for the next blizzard, my friends. As this Fashionista so easily demonstrates, your look doesn’t have to be frumpy to keep focused and comfortable at the library.

This Fashionista brings to life something I’ve learned long ago: skinny jeans can be just as comfortable as gym pants. Avid yoga pants wearers, stick with me here. The stretchy, body-hugging material of a pair of skinny jeans is shockingly comparable to the nylon/spandex mix of your favorite leggings. The difference? Skinny jeans are leaps and bounds more stylish, with little to no extra effort or thought required to piece together your outfit.

This Fashionista went for a cool, slightly edgy look with her skinny jeans. Her gray, acid-wash crops instantly make a statement among the sea of black leggings spotted at the library. She pairs them with black work boots to kick up this grunge-inspired look. From there, the rest of her outfit is simple. She wears a solid T-shirt underneath a classic black coat. Her accessories give the look some added interest. She rocks a cool printed beanie and adds on a chic pair of oversize sunglasses to finish the look off. As this Fashionista proves, it’s that easy to take your look from ordinary to stylish while hitting the books. Hasta la vista, yoga pants.

One Simple Change: To transition this simple look for weekend wear, play up the edginess of the acid-wash jeans and boots. Swap in a graphic T-shirt and long line cardigan for the coolest brunch date look.