So long as there are libraries, there will always be students who spend entire days (or entire nights!) studying in them. Midterms, finals, essays, projects or just about anything becomes a reason to set out and then settle in for hours in this scholastic sanctuary. Although not many students enjoy the prospect of the library becoming their secondary, or even primary residence, with the right mindset and the right outfit a Fashionista/o can create a space of comfort and motivation for however much time they spend there.

Personally, my favorite way to study is in some snuggly pajamas; I try to create a soothing environment for myself so I’m as relaxed as possible, even as I hit the academic grind. Yet, however comfortable slippers may be, out in public is certainly not the place for them! A student could resort to sporting saggy sweats or yoga pants to the library, but a Fashionista should perfect the art of composing cute outfits that are still easy-going and relaxed. This Fashionista has clearly studied up, for her outfit fits the library dress code perfectly.

She nails the comfort factor in a polished way with her charcoal sweatshirt and black leggings, and keeps her look altogether unfussy with a simple initialed necklace, booties and a collared shirt that hints to an attempt at layering. One could imagine that the quirky elephant pattern on the blouse underneath is the Fashionista’s way of inviting a bit of cheer in her time spent studying. Over it all is a fabulous denim jacket, whose sherpa lining will keep her cozy when she throws it on to grab a breathe of fresh air or snuggles up in it in her chair like the blanket. In total, her simple yet comely ensemble is a great costume for hitting the books.

When you think about it, this approach to dressing can have positive psychological benefits. A comfortable outfit leads to a relaxed body and a composed yet attentive mind. Also, by not steeping to far down in the dumps, a Fashionista/o can inspire success in their study session. They say “dress for success,” so although one shouldn’t feel inclined to dress formally for their date with Economics or Organic Chemistry, dressing well or even wearing a fun or favorite garment (like a whimsical top) can be a morale booster and lead to a more productive library experience.

One Simple Change: You rub your eyes and realize you’ve been at the library all night! In need of a good detox, you check your phone and see that you’ve been invited to a casual brunch with your gal pal. Seamlessly transition your library look to weekend wear by swapping out the sweater and top for a floral T-shirt dress. Effortlessly finish the outfit off with a wide-brimmed floppy hat, sunglasses and a swipe of bold lipstick for a look with an easy day edge. Even you won’t believe that you were at the library less then an hour ago!