Spring break is just around the corner! You know what that means? Beaches, bikinis and exams are about to be prominent. Just when you feel at your wits’ end with schoolwork and need a break, professors decide to squeeze in a test before you can breeze back home or hop on a plane to somewhere with the warm sun. Need inspiration to hide the fact that you are desperate for home cooking and a hiatus from the library shelves? Look no further: this Fashionisto will get you through.

This Fashionisto was found just outside the crowded busy Randall Library, looking incredible and mixing prints and textures of all sorts. With shoes that shout happiness and laughter and a pair of fun sunglasses, he brightened my day. While long hours in the library might be treacherous, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for fashion. This warm sweater is perfect for taking a quick snooze on a comfortable chair but still looks cool for heading to grab coffee after coffee—plus, I love the zipper detail.

While jeans are a staple for everyone—high-waisted, cropped, black or flared—these are far from boring. It’s easy to spice up an outfit with a cool tone or textured pants. Find something that will make you stand out with a minimal fashion risk. Try a destroyed or super light wash style!

One Simple Change: Been cramming so long that date night is just a few minutes away? Ditch your books, and throw on a button-down to impress your date in a hurry!